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Introducing BloomSuites: A Hub of Innovation and Healing

Welcome to Maybloom, where we’re not just advocates – we’re fervent believers in the transformative power of movement. Our mission is crystal clear: to inspire and support individuals on their journey to move more, move better, and ultimately, live better.

Nestled in the heart of our centre, our BloomSuites emerge as more than just a place to visit; it’s a haven where innovation and healing converge.

Step into the lobby and you’re greeted by the serenity of a terrarium, fostering a tranquil atmosphere that sets the tone for what lies within. At Bloom Suites, biophilic design principles aren’t just an afterthought; they’re at the core of every space, promoting a sense of calm and connectivity with nature.

But it’s not just the aesthetics that make BloomSuites stand out, it’s the businesses operating within its walls that truly cement this luxe consultation space as a centre for progress and transformation.

Our Allied Health Services bring together expert practitioners across various disciplines, including physiotherapy, chiropractic care, mental health, and more. This collaborative approach ensures personalised care tailored to your unique health and wellness goals. One such venture is Ayana Psychology, a psychology clinic providing effective treatments for a range of health conditions. With a focus on personalised care, Ayana offers therapeutic services aimed at promoting mental wellness and emotional resilience as a framework for navigating life’s challenges.

Further down the corridor, Berwick Pain Clinic stands as Australia’s premier Laser Healing Centre, specialising in the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions. Committed to providing innovative, drug-free solutions, Berwick Pain Clinic has earned a reputation for changing lives through effective and affordable treatment options.

Visitors can also find sanctuary at Spiritual Perceptions, a personalised service dedicated to empowering mothers and their children to heal from trauma and transform their lives. Through a blend of spiritual counselling and personal coaching, Spiritual Perceptions crafts tailored wellness plans aimed at nurturing both the mind and soul.

Meanwhile, Chat & Chew Speech Pathology provides a service poised to revolutionise Paediatric Speech Pathology therapy. With a vision set on helping clients working through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Chat & Chew offers their expertise to clients with moderate to severe speech delays/disabilities as well as feeding programs for infants.

In the BloomSuites treatment space, cosmetically inclined clients can visit The Injector Jeanie. A qualified Melbourne Cosmetic Nurse, Annick Jean believes in the use of cosmetic treatments to naturally restore, enhance and build confidence.

Rounding out BloomSuites offerings is Raise the Bar Psychology, which serves as a private educational and developmental psychology clinic. Specialising in person-centred, trauma informed support, Raise the Bar provides a safe and inclusive space to explore and support the unique strengths, differences and challenges of every individual who visits.

In a world where innovation and healing are often seen as separate pursuits, Bloom Suites breaks the mould by seamlessly integrating both. As guests traverse its corridors, they’re not just stepping into a beautiful space; they’re entering a realm for understanding and transformation

Interested in becoming part of BloomSuites? Join our expanding community of health and wellness practitioners at Maybloom, with your own dedicated, professional, and branded BloomSuite.

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