Learn more about the game changing healing modality to help you remove stubborn and suppressed anxiety before it begins to rub off on your children

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Break the cycle and transform your family’s future. Join Samantha Anne, our parenting expert at Maybloom, by removing the layers of anxiety, anger and rigidity.


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A mother with anxiety creates anxiety within her children.

Are you a loving mother who struggles with anxiety, unknowingly passing on this burden to your precious children?

The weight of constant worry, always expecting the worst, can drain your energy and rob you of the joy of living your best life.

Anxiety not only affects you but also impacts your children, shaping their perception of what is normal and hindering their journey towards independence, dreams, and a life filled with love, joy, and passion.

Picture a life free from the grips of anxiety, where decisions are made with confidence, and every moment is embraced with peace and positivity.

It’s time to break free from the cycle of anxiety that saps your energy, leaving you tired, agitated, and prone to anger.

By addressing your anxiety, you can create a nurturing environment where love thrives, and your family can flourish.


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Mothers, often burdened by high expectations and unmet standards, may find themselves trapped in a cycle of disappointment and frustration.

Repressed anger, a common companion to anxiety, can manifest in destructive behaviors, impacting relationships and creating a toxic atmosphere within the home.

It’s crucial to acknowledge and address these emotions, paving the way for healthier interactions and a more harmonious family dynamic.

Imagine a home filled with love, understanding, and open communication, where conflicts are resolved with compassion and respect.

By embracing your emotions and seeking support, you can break free from the cycle of anger and create a nurturing space where love reigns supreme.

Remember, in a home where anger resides, love struggles to find its place. Let go of the weight of anxiety and anger, and open your heart to a brighter, more fulfilling future for you and your loved ones.


Samantha Anne Bio

Samantha’s journey is one of profound transformation. For the first 35 years of her life, she navigated societal expectations, suppressing her spirit and inner guidance, leading to emotional turmoil and depression. At 33, life-altering events shattered her reality, propelling her onto a path of self-discovery and healing.

From that pivotal moment, Samantha embarked on a journey of profound self-awareness, embracing her purpose and exploring various healing modalities. Her dedication to helping others stems from her own experiences, realizing that healing isn’t about miracles but about guidance and shifting beliefs.

As a mother of four and a step-parent, Samantha navigates the complexities of blended families with patience, trust, and a spiritually informed approach to parenting. Her love for animals, nurtured since childhood, extends to volunteering to foster and rehabilitate dogs.

Driven by a passion for personal growth and a desire to help others achieve the same, Samantha embodies the ethos of striving for purity over perfection, fostering a community of healing and support.

For $99, take the first step towards breaking old patterns and re-creating a life free of stress, anxiety or anger.